Another World, Another Life

Another World, Another Life
"Oh hell na-" I began, sudden darkness taking over my senses in a rush. This is the story of Kaylin and Mitzi who are thrust into a strange and wonderful world. Will they return to their so called 'normal' lives? **Currently being edited and rewritten*

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Chapter one is finally done!

That's right everyone, the first chapter for AW,AL is done and ready to be read.

I have made some major changes in... well... everything.

  • First off, they no longer run into the kidnapper/seller right away, but that will be further down the line.
  • Second, the King and Queen are gonna be a lot different. A LOT different.
  • Third, When Charles disappears he will stay gone. I will try and find a way to write him out. (I really hadn't thought about it)

There are gonna be a lot more changes, but I will mark them down when they show up.


I other news, I have a tumblr! If you are interested in finding me just look up TheEverdayPagan. 

Other than that I have nothing new to report, other than that Chapter two is coming along nicely; slowly, but nicely.