Another World, Another Life

Another World, Another Life
"Oh hell na-" I began, sudden darkness taking over my senses in a rush. This is the story of Kaylin and Mitzi who are thrust into a strange and wonderful world. Will they return to their so called 'normal' lives? **Currently being edited and rewritten*

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cast of Characters

Main Characters

Name: Kaylin Arrowin
Age: 20 yrs
Height: 5' 8"
Race: Domesticated Silver Fox demon
Characteristics: Long red hair w/ a slight curl, one green eye the other blue green, peaches and cream skin, a button nose, and freckles splashed across her face.
Likes: faux leather jackets, sweets, vegtables, scented pens.
Dislikes: Meat, animal abuse, bright lights, woken up out of a dead sleep.
Final Notes: Kaylin is usually seen walking around with friends. Her shoulder bag is never far from her (as it holds just about everything she owns), and is mostly stocked with first aide supplies and cigarettes.

Name: Mitzi Marrit
Age: 19 yrs
Height: 5' 2"
Race: Common domesticated rat
Characteristics: Mid length dark blonde hair, tawny eyes, peaches and cream skin, a Romanesque nose, and freckles splashed across her face.
Likes: little ratties, Jeffree Starr, vegetables, Animal rights, Druidic Arts
Dislikes: Animal abusers, bigots, racists.
Final Notes: Mitzi is rarely seen without her giant purse, she always comes prepared. She loves hanging around with her friends and is currently getting a degree in cosmetology. 

Characters (Good, bad, and misguided)

Name: Fai' wu Feng
Age: Unknown
Height: 5' 0"
Race: Royal Fox Demon
Characteristics: Very long black hair, three tails (Though one is beginning to split), pale skin, yellow green eyes, and a heart shaped face.
Likes: Dango, kitsune ramen (This is a real ramen dish), sleeping in rogue sunbeams.
Dislikes: Bigots, winter, dust, loud noises.
Final Notes: Fai' wu is no stranger to hard work and determination. She met her life mate while creating the silks they now wear. He saw her in the warm water, her hair and tails tied close to her body. 

Name: Kurimu Feng A.K.A Crimson Fang
Age: unknown
Height: 6' 8"
Race: Royal Fox Demon
Characteristics: Short messily chopped auburn hair, four tails, tan skin, deep blue eyes, and a squarish jaw.
Likes: Wrestling, reading, watching his wife sleep in sunbeams, eating Inarizushi, finding the odd smell.
Dislikes: Odd smells, winter, bigots, bright lights and certain flowers.
Final Notes: Kurimu got his nickname from many of the battles he took part in growing up. He ended up meeting his life mate when he had run from an enemy soldier that had stabbed him.

Name: Dameon Winterbeater
Age: undisclosed
Height: 5' 11"
Race: unknown
Characteristics: brown hair (beginning to grey), one dark grey eye one milky white eye, a stubby tail from when a beast bit it off , and a scar that runs across the milky eye.
Likes: magic tricks, work, traveling, hunting
Dislikes: fighters, Officers, raspberry lemonade
Final Notes: Dameon was born to a prostitute and a drunkard. Living his life in the slums until his 15th birthday, he became a hunter of rare objects. Most objects being the unsullied life of a young female. 

Name: Hiishia Greeber
Age: undisclosed
Height: 4' 11"
Race: Snake Demon
Characteristics: bald head, shiny and dull purplish scales, slanted dark yellow eyes
Likes: warm sunny areas, chicken spaghetti, short swords, teasing the mouse scribes
Dislikes: perverts, teasing of his height, horrid odors
Final Notes: Hiishia is mated to Keiichi and awaiting their first brood. He is able to bear children, because as a Snake Demon he is gifted with both a cervix, uterus, and male genitalia. 

Name: Charles
Age: 25
Height: 5' 10"
Race: Ram
Characteristics: long curly chocolate brown hair, bland brown eyes, child-like face (still has baby fat), and a smell that would deter a skunk.
Likes: Porn, stupid girls, fake Satanism, Taco Bell
Dislikes: Smart girls, self confidence
Final Notes:  If you see this particular person stay away. He is considered dangerous and while not very intelligent (he works for a corporation known to butt fuck their employees), can still cause fatal injury if not careful.

Name: Keiichi Morrao
Age: 20
Height: 6' 1"
Race: Fennec Fox
Characteristics: Dark green hair done in a Mohawk, bright orange eyes, Olive complexion, button nose, slightly rounded jaw line, and the sunniest disposition that would rival even the biggest optimists.
Likes: Books, box lunches, sunny areas, blue raspberry lollipops, and teasing his ever so loving mate about his height.
Hates: sour things, bad smells, prepackaged food.
Final Notes: Keiichi was the person sent to fetch the Princess when she had arrived. Not knowing what dangers proceeded him, her decided to forgo much of his weaponry. Sadly, he got his ass kicked by a girl six inches shorter than him, and now holds a healthy respect for any to last when she is beyond pissed.