Another World, Another Life

Another World, Another Life
"Oh hell na-" I began, sudden darkness taking over my senses in a rush. This is the story of Kaylin and Mitzi who are thrust into a strange and wonderful world. Will they return to their so called 'normal' lives? **Currently being edited and rewritten*

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The idea behind the story

When I came up with the idea for this particular story, I had no idea that it would turn out like this.

You see, when I originally started this, I had just finished destroying what probably was the biggest load of garbage I had written over a period of a year, and this new thought came into my mind. 'What if I could leave all my troubles behind me,be myself and let no one dictate my life?' it was then that I decided to get the ideas down on paper. at first I thought nothing of the characters, as they were modeled after myself and a friend. But after a long while I began to notice that they had a style about them, and attitudes that could rival their counterparts.

Mitzi is a friend in real life. She is awesome and strives towards her own goals. Her dedication to animals and the planet is what makes her her. Whenever we are together, we tend to cause trouble and enjoyment.

Kaylin is more of a split personality from myself. She is brash, a little too cocky for her own good, and curses like a biker.

After I had determined how they would look, I began the process of outlining how this 'other-world' should look. I decided to go with a mixture of the feudal era of Inuyasha/ Japan (specifically the Oedo period) and steampunk. So while they live in a world not overcome by electricity and machines, they still have a form of energy to use.

Next were the people they were to meet. This one was a real head scratcher; on one hand, they could meet some untrustworthy people right away and the story would be over before it began. On the other They could try and figure out where they were before people showed up and scared them into running. I obviously chose the better route.

Kurimu and Fai' Wu were more of an afterthought than anything. Originally Fai' Wu was supposed to be the reigning Queen, but they way I had designed her to be wouldn't have worked.

Kurimu is the embodiment of stupidity in men. He tends to not think about his actions, and can be quite crass when it comes to women. His last name -Feng- is Chinese for Fang.

Hopefully sometime very soon I shall have the first chapter re-written. Hopefully, the re-write will be much better than the first.